Your donations help us provide our educational programs and to keep the trains running!



Prairie State Railroad Club Inc, is a 501 (c) 3 Not-For-Profit Organization.  We teach "Operation Lifesaver" "Railroad Safety" to organizations such as, the Boy Scouts of America (at their Cub Scout Day Camps during the summer.), or if a individual Boy/Cub Scout Pack or Organization Groups, would come out to our track, we would teach them about Railroad Safety, along with various other Groups and the General Public.

We attend events throughout the year to help raise money.  The cash donations we receive from these events, and through our PayPal Account, help to pay for our expensives we incur throughout the year, for example, track repairs, grounds maintenance, and insurance.

Because of the harsh winters we have, and being located inside a park, the wild animals like to dig under the tracks, rather than walking over them, and that plays a big part in the deterioration of our track.  Dead trees falling on the track doing extensive damage, because of old age or carpenter ants destroying them, from the inside out causing them to rot from moisture.

Plus, sad to say, but, we have people who like to vandalize the property over the winter months also.

So, every donation that Prairie State Railroad Club Inc. receives in cash donations, is put too much needed repairs. Ever member of our Club is a Volunteer, and they do not get paid for their time or services they provide to the club. or the public!

"We greatly appreciate all donations, in any amount we may receive from the Public"!  "Thank You" for helping us!


Your donations help to keep the trains running

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