Photo Gallery

Welcome to Memory Lane

Prairie State Railroad Club Inc. has hosted and attended many events over the years! Below are just a few of many pictures taken.

"We hope you enjoy looking at them".

Prairie State Railroad Club Anniversaries 

Twentieth Anniversary

1982 -2002

Twenty Fifth Anniversary

1982 - 2007

Thirtieth Anniversary

1982 - 2012 

Fortieth Anniversary 

1982 - 2022 

In Memory Of Our Former Members

You may be gone, but our memories of you will live on forever!

Joseph Kaminski Sr. (2011-2018)

Steve Beckler


Charles Kocan


Ray Flinn


Wilhelm Findeisen (1982-2021)

Susan Andermann (1982-2021)

Marilynn Bushue


George Werderich Sr.


Todd Skogen


2024 Activities and Events

Car Show

Small Engine And Tractor Show

Sycamore Steam Show

Big Rock Plowing Match & Festival

Pumpkin Train

Coming In August

Coming In September

Coming In October

2023 Activities and Events

Work Day

Hydrostatic Testing Steam Engines

Logan's Birthday Party

Private Birthday Party

Car Show

Small Engine And Tractor Show

Sycamore Steam Show

Big Rock Plowing Match & Festival

Cheap And Nothing Wasted By Invitation Only Meet

Pumpkin Train

Christmas Party

2022 Activities and Events

Car Show

Phoenix Club Private Event 

Sycamore Steam Show 

Plowing Match 

Work Day Big Rock

Building of New Switch

Work Day

2022 Eagle Scout Service Project

Sponsors and Contributors

Building Of The Pavilion

Open House At Plowman's

Newspaper Article about Project

(Click On Picture)

Dedication of the Pavilion to the Plowing Match Association

2021 Activities and Events 

You're never to Young too learn.

Club Riding Cars Under Maintenance 

August 28th Work Day

Sycamore Steam Show 

August 28th Fun Day

Work Day September 4th

Big Rock Plowing Match

Blowdown Meet at Big Rock 

Christmas Party 

2020 Big Rock 

Building of the Sycamore Track in 2016

2015 Cub Scout Day Camp 

2014 Activities and Events 

April Work Day

July Work Day

Bridge Repair

Cub Scout Day Camp

Swap Meet